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Our practice offers a fully functional Dispensary, or Optical Shop. Since we offer one stop shopping, there is absolutely no need to go elsewhere for your glasses. When Dr. Kagan determines your prescription, you simply walk to our Optical Shop and make your selection. It's that simple!

We carry a full line of designer frames including Gucci, Fendi, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein to name a few. We offer the latest technology lenses including Varilux, Transitions, and many more. We also offer a full line of sporting and specialty glasses. Swimming, biking, shooting and skiing are just some of the specialty sports glasses and goggles we make.

Additionally, we use labs that adhere to the highest standards of quality. No pair of glasses is ever dispensed without thorough inspection from our optician. We offer a guarantee against manufacturers defects in both the frames and lenses. Because we use the highest quality products and manufacturers, our glasses take 3 to 7 business days for completion. We do not offer 1 hour service because of the lower quality that often accompanies it. Our patients appreciate the extra time spent on their glasses because they know it will be the best pair they have.

Our Optician is on site every Tuesday and Thursday for consultation. It is advised to call for an appointment, so he can allot enough time for your visit. You can meet with him after your appointment with Dr. Kagan, or make a separate appointment with him. The actual Optical Shop is open everyday however, so you can drop in anytime from 9 to 4 to browse or pick out your new frames.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become the most popular way to correct vision for most people in the recent past. They are not only effective but are reasonably priced and extremely high tech. We offer a myriad of choices for contact lens wearers. From traditional daily wear lenses to daily disposable, we have it all. We specialize in toric lens fitting, that is lenses for patients with high astigmatism, where traditional contacts are not appropriate.

Remember contact lenses are medical devices. They should be regarded in the same manner as a drug that your doctor prescribes. They need to be fitted by a professional, who will follow up to ensure proper wear, care and maintenance. After your fit is complete we will give you a copy of your prescription with the lens powers, parameters, and expiration.

Unfortunately most insurances do not cover the exam for contact lenses or the contact lenses themselves. The cost for the fit for contact lenses vill vary depending on your prescription, corneal measurements, and the time needed to do the fit. For regular fits however, it does generally range from $100 to $150, and includes follow up visits and your initial trial pair.

We carry many brands in stock, but we often have to order certain lenses. Ordering usually gets the lenses to you within a few days, or overnight for an additional charge. It is recommended that you order your contacts two weeks before you run out just in case there is a manufacturer back order.


Can I buy my prescription eyeglasses online?

Courtesy of the New York State Department of Licensing, Office of Professionals: 

"New York State law requires prescription eyewear to be fitted and dispensed in person by a licensed practitioner (ophthamlic dispenser/optician, optometrist, ophthalmologist). Although any number of websites offer the sale of eyewear, the consumer must be aware of a number of things. Prescription eyeglasses are highly customized. There are numerous measurements that go into the fitting and fabrication that cannot be conveyed over the phone or internet. These include, but are not limited to: the shape of your nose and ears, the width of your face and the overall size of your head. Measurements such as these, and bifocal or multifocal height, can only be measured when you are face to face with a dispenser wearing the eyeglass frames you are planning to purchase.

In addition, the form, thickness, and material that your prescription lenses are made of should be discussed with your eyecare professional. A bargain that may be advertised online may result in a pair of glasses being heavier than necessary, or cause eye fatigue or headache.

New Yorkers are advised to be wise consumers and consult their eyecare professional."

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